Air Jet Plus Filter


Suitable to separate dust and other particles
suspended in air of cleaning department aspirator
system before being discharged
to the outside with a bottom scrape.


At food industry

  • Flour and semolina mills
  • Feed mills
  • Dry fruit plants

And other similar food industries

At chemical industry

  • Paint factories
  • Plastic factories
  • Detergent made plants

At wooden industry
At non-ferrous product industry


The filter can be used in the pressurized and vacuum systems. The cleaning of
hose type filter bags is carried out by air at 0.5 bars, which is free of oil and

The consumption of the cleaning air is found by this formula: 30 – 40 NLt
(Newton liter) x bag x blow

The optimal flow geometry of the cleaning air route shows as mentioned below:

    • The loading capacity of filter for each product
    • The max cleaning capacity for each filter bag
    • The highest cleaning ratio of cleaned air
    • The filter body is combined with cleaning air tank

Therefore, there is no need for an additional air tank

The important criterions of filter loads

In addition to the given effective values at the following, the loading of filter depends on
some other factors such as, chemical reactions, drying, filtration process,
etc. As an example, at wheat cleaning process, in a filter with a 2.4-meter long
bag, maximum loading for aspirator would be 9 cubic meters per minute per
square meter.


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