Double Storey Paddy Sieve


Paddy sieve is a machine which is developed for cleaning the leguminous seeds such as paddy, rice etc;
seperating them from the foreign objects (straw, rubbish, dust etc.). The machine cleans the light grain and thin products
stated in the product by means of the air and the thin products, the impures which are small but heavier than sand can be distinguished
from the product as sieve under. The machine, optionally, can be used in the pre-cleaning of the dry grained agricultural products.
The machine, optionally, can be produced as two or four storied.


    • Even though the paddy sieve machine is designed for paddy in general; the sieve numbers can be changed and they can be used also for other pulse machines.
    • The product which pours from the machine’s product entry reservoir enters into the valve feeding reservoir.
    • The product, by the distributor system, is distributed on the sieve tray and it to be pured is provided.
    • The dust and light objects in the poured product; are taken thanks to the aspirator system’s suction.
    • The product improves with the vibration that the eccentric gives on the sieve.
    • According to the sieve’s number which was added to the machine in advance; the product goes under the sieve and it starts to be sieved from the bottom sieve. If it is thin the small and heavy particles fell from the bottom sieve.
    • These fallen small and heavy particles are transferred to out of machine from the thin grain exit reservoir.
    • At the same time the light things which are remained in the product to be sucked and cleaned are provided in order to be separated from the product with the aspirator.
    • The product is conrolled again on the second sieve tray.
    • The separated product is transported from the clean product exit reservoir.
    • The product, as of the machine’s feature, is sieved and is exposed to the aspirator system’s suction and it is cleaned very well.
    • The air can be reduced or increased thanks to air suction settings.


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