Hammer Mill


This hammer mill grinds easily raw materials which are dry and dampness fines.
It is used in food industry for this purpose.


At food processing industries

    • At flour mills for offal grinding
    • At feed mills for feed grinding and expeller cakes
    • At oil mills for extraction of meal, expeller cakes
    • At dehaulling (peeling) plants for oat hulls and damaged (broken) rice


    • The body is steel and welded construction.
    • The hammers are on the rotor which turn one enduring mill.
    • The rotormill turns in the strong ball thrust.
    • The hammers are made of hardened steel.
    • It is designed turning freely.
    • The sieve is on the hammer mill and it is changed easily without stopping the rotor.
    • Motor is connected directly to coupling.
    • Body of hammer mill is mounted on the same chassis.

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