Square Sieve


The square sifter offers many advantages for sifting
processes at high capacities. It provides large sifting
area in very limited space. The maximum sifting area
can be obtained by using different types of boxes.
It is used to sift the broken and floury products
and classify different kinds of grains.


At food processing industries

  • Wheat, rye, oats, barley and corn processing plants
  • Coffee and similar products processing plants

And other food products processing plants


  • High sifting capacity can be obtained by using different frame heights and intermediate frames (spacers). In this way, below and above sifting paths can be adjusted
  • Effective sifting possibility at high capacities. It is pos sible to increase 22 % sifting area by using “G” type sifter boxes
  • Each sifting cabin can accommodate up to 28 sifters. A special pressure- clamping device provides proper and tight closing of access doors
  • Two-way product flow
  • The sieves, square shaped and having an unchange able structure, are made of first quality stable wood and are completely covered with laminated plastic (Formica)
  • More sifting area is provided by changing the sieve frames position in right angle
  • Vertical and horizontal dividing possibility of sifting pas sages at any required level
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance possibility
  • Internally coated insulation panels to avoid condensation, if necessary
  • A large variety of standard and special sieves enable the arrangement of many sifting in order to meet any flow sheet demand


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