Trieur Machine


The machine is used to separate the round particles which are
smaller than wheat kernels, broken wheat kernels, longer
particles more than wheat kernels from wheat in grain
cleaning, packing plants and flour mills.

Working Principle

The cylinder ports size are selected in accordance with scope of the process.
The grain is regularly spreader on cylinder and during process the foreign
particles and broken wheat are accommodated in the cylinder ports.
The separation process is carried out by moving the trapped particles
in cylinder ports from circumference to upward and drain into conveying screw conveyor.
In case of necessary the separated foreign particles are conveyed to the control cylinders
to separate the escaped wheat kernels during main process.
The machine consists of the main structures. The sturdy body erected with cylinders and
drive motors and the cylinders which carry out the separation process.
The main and control cylinders are selected per need as one or two pieces.
The cylinders can be combined as multiplicity
by taking into consideration separation process and capacity.


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